The TAURUST Guide: Workbook (Physical Copy)

The TAURUST Guide: Workbook (Physical Copy)

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The TAURUST Guide: Workbook

The complete guide to mapping out your life using your birth chart to help achieve your goals! This is the physical workbook that will be shipped to your physical address. 


The TAURUST Guide: Mapped out

The mapped out TAURUST Guide is the version that is put together for you so you don't have to do the work!

What I will need is the following information:

-Where are you now in life? (finances, living situation, mentality, etc)

-What are your ultimate goals? (marriage, travel, kids, a home, etc)

-What is your Date of Birth, Location of birth, and Time of birth? (if time unknown, estimate or say unknown)

This selection takes 5-7 business days. The information will be emailed to the email you provide.